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We feel that a true German Shepherd Dog should possess intelligence, a sound structure, confidence and
beauty.  They should be neither shy nor fearful, aggressive or vicious.
We are a small Kennel, striving to improve the Breed.  Our dogs are members of our family, and spend
time in the house as well as out. They travel with us even if it's just a short ride.
Our Puppies are born and raised in our home, and are exposed to normal daily activities. They grow up
with kids, dogs ( large and small ), cats and are well socialized.  The pups are handled from the day they
are born and are puppy temperament tested at around 7 weeks of age. All pups are sold with a written 3
year   genetic health guarantee.
We will only breed to and from dogs that are sound in structure and temperament. We have 29 years
( since 1990) of Good Health behind us and we want to keep it that way so we will not use dogs with
unfamiliar backgrounds. Our breeding stock has OFA certified and free of all major faults.

We Love all our dogs and hope you will too!   Puppies & Adults must go to Loving homes.
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History of the GSD
This breed is highly recognized for its loyality, courage, and ability to be trained for special srvices.  Durning WWI and WWII,
German Shepherd Dogs were used as messenger dogs and were frequently called on to search for enemy soldiers. It is said that
Max von Stephanitz is the father of the modern GSD. Von Stephanitz was a cavalry officer, who at the turn of the century,
established what was known as the Club for German Shepherds. Von Stephanitz also launched showing and breeding standards of
the GSD. In 1908 th GSD was accepted for registration by the AKC. The first AKC reg'd Shepherd was "Queen of Switzerland".
The main characteristics of the GSD are: steadiness of nerves, attentiveness, loyalty, calm self-assurance, alertness and tractability. These
characteristics are necessary for a versatile working dog.   Nervousness, over- aggressiveness and shyness are a serious fault.

General appearance - The immediate impression of the GSD is of a slightly long in comparison to it;s height, with a powerful and
well- musceled body.  The relation between height and length and the position and symmetry of the limbs ( angulation ) is so
interrelated as to enable a far reaching and enduring gait.  The coat should be weather-proof . A beautiful appearance is desirable
but this is secondary to his usefullness as a working dog.   Sexual characteristics must be well defined - ie the masculinity of the
male and the famininity of the female must be unmistakable.
A true to type GSD gives an impression of innate strengh, intelligence and suppleness, with harmonious proportions and nothing
either overdone or lacking.  His whole manner should make it perfectly clear that he is sound in mind and body, and has the
physical and mental attributes to make him always readyfor tireless action as a working dog.
With an abundance of vitality he must be tractable enough to adapt himself to each situation and to carry out his work willingly and
with enthusiasm. He must possess the courage and determination to defend himself, his master, or his master's possessions, should
the need arise.  He must be observant, obedient and a pleasent member of the household, quiet in his own environment , especially
with children and other animials, and at ease with adults. Overall he should  present an harmonious picture of innate nobility,
alertness, and self-confidence.
Ideal Shepherd
***A deposit of $200 is require to hold a pup or adult***

        Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE!!!!!!!!  

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