Newtopaz Briolette Jewel
Brie was our first Papillon who came to live with us when she was 10 months old.   She is a small girl , She weighs 4.5 lbs  
and is 9 3/4  inches tall. Since her arrival she has grown up and produced a few litters of very nice pups. She is a joy to
have around and loves to play ball. She is full of energy and life. We love her very much.........
Brie has completed two levels of  the sport of Flyball. This is well suited to her as she is very Ball crazy.  Good Luck
10 months
Born - Aug 29/1996 - Oct 2010
Some of Brie's kids
Brie is retired and in her forever home, spoiled rotten!!
~ Retired ~
Height - 9 3/4 (24.37