Our Boys
Ch. Diamondsun's Issa Harley CD
Click on their names to find out more about these wonderful German Shepherd Dogs.
Wito von KuehnHaus
" Harley "
" Wito "
This is my son"Troy" with our first Shepherd  "Murphy".  Although we never bred Murphy, he was the dog that
got me interested in a breeding program. Troy is now 23 and Murphy is now passed on but will live on in our hearts.
" Ice "
Diamondsun's Icy Black Miricle
Pegot von dem Waldkonig
" Thor "
Ch. Gur Taizer von Diamondsun
" Taizer "
Khan vom Alpenhof
Ugo von Diamondsun
" UGO "
" Khan "
Ostuts von Diamondsun
" Thunder "
Past Males
Xxander von dem Waldkonig
Baer von Diamondsun
" Baer "