Yoda von Diamondsun RAE CGN
Born - Feb 4/2016
Yoda @ 3 months old
Yoda @ 6 Months old
DJ 11 Years, Yoda 8 Months
Yoda 14 months old
July 22 & 23rd/2017- DJ and Yoda entered their first Rally Novice A trials, the first day they qualified with a score of 80 /100. (durning
the walk through there was a misunderstanding what she was to do at station and lost points,lesson learned, she would have had a
perfect score)
Second day on a more challenging course they got 97/100 and 2nd place, way to go , only missed by 1 point so she was very pleased!!!!
Oct 2017 DJ and Yoda entered 2 Rally Trials, the first one they took High in Class with a score of 99/100 and finished
their Novice A, the second Trial they were in the Intermediate Class and qualified with 3rd place and a score of 87/100
They are a Great Team!!!!
Nov 2017 DJ and  Yoda entered 4 Rally Trials. In the first on ( Intermediate class) they qualified with a High In Class and a
score of 99/100!!! The second Trial also in the Intermediate class they were 2nd place with a qualifiing score of 88/100.
Finishing their Intermediate Title, Way to Go guys!!!!
The second day  in the Advanced Class ( off lead ) they took High in Class with a score of 98/100. the last trial of the weekend
they also took a High in Class with a score of 97/100. What a team !!!!
Owned & Handled by DJ Buchanan
May 2018 the Duo are back in the ring and doing wonderfully.

July 2018 Yoda now has her Excellent title and on to Masters

Oct 2018 DJ and Yoda finished their MASTERS TITLE with a score of 96.5 High in Class , way to go guys.
They also passed their CGN!!!!
Nov 3/2018 - DJ and Yoda received an award for the Top Rally Obedience dog on PEI of 2018 from teh Vet