Yoda von Diamondsun
Born - Feb 4/2016
Parents - Vee & Hugo
Yoda @ 3 months old
Yoda @ 6 Months old
DJ 11 Years, Yoda 8 Months
Yoda 14 months old
July 22 & 23rd/2017- DJ and Yoda entered their first Rally Novice A trials, the first day they qualified with a score of 80 /100. (durning
the walk through there was a misunderstanding what she was to do at station and lost points,lesson learned, she would have had a
perfect score)
Second day on a more challenging course they got 97/100 and 2nd place, way to go , only missed by 1 point so she was very pleased!!!!
Oct 2017 DJ and Yoda entered 2 Rally Trials, the first one they took High in Class with a score of 99/100 and finished
their Novice A, the second Trial they were in the Intermediate Class and qualified with 3rd place and a score of 87/100
They are a Great Team!!!!
Nov 2017 DJ and  Yoda entered 4 Rally Trials. In the first on ( Intermediate class) they qualified with a High In Class and a
score of 99/100!!! The second Trial also in the Intermediate class they were 2nd place with a qualifiing score of 88/100.
Finishing their Intermediate Title, Way to Go guys!!!!
The second day  in the Advanced Class ( off lead ) they took High in Class with a score of 98/100. the last trial of the weekend
they also took a High in Class with a score of 97/100. What a team !!!!