Ch. Gur Taizer von Diamondsun
" Taizer "
Sept 26 &27/09  - Taizer entered his first shows at just 6 months old to the day. He took  4 Winners Male and 4 Best of
Opposite and 4 Best Puppy in Breed and 2 Best Puppy in Group 7!!!! An excellent start for this young boy!
Oct 31/09- Taizer went Reserve winners male, and in the Group 7 Speciality show he took Reserve Winners Male Again
Nov 1/09- Taizer went Winners male and Best Puppy in Breed
Nov 15/09 - Taizer took Winners Male, Best of Winners, Best of Opposite and Best Puppy in Breed!!!!! He is now on 8 points.
7 weeks old
18 months
6 months
July /2011 -  After a long  year of Pano ( growing pains) Taizer re entered the show ring for 2 shows,  he took Reserve
Winners Male in one of the shows
Sept 24 & 25/2011 -  Taizer entered 4 shows, the 1st Show he took Winners Male, Best of Winners and Best of Breed! 2nd show he
took Winners Male, Best of Opposite, 3rd show he took Winners Male and Best of Opposite , and the last show he went Winners
Male, Best of Winners and Best of Breed Again!!!  Needless to say he is a NEW CHAMPION!
Photo is with Judge Tom Burke