Obsidian von Diamondsun RN CGN
" Raven "
Born May 11/2018
Nov 2018 Dj and Raven entered their first 3 Novice A  Rally Obedience trials,  first time in at just 6 months
the team gets a High in Class with a score of 98/100.
2nd trial they tied with a score of 100/100, so they took their times and they got 2nd place , 5 seconds
between the dogs lol.
The last trial they got 97/100 and a New
Novice Title!!!
Oct 2018 Raven was tested for her Canin Good Neighbour and passed!!!!
Raven 5 months old
8 months old
Raven and her 13 year old
Owner/handler DJ
May 2019 Raven and DJ entered 4 Rally trials, first trial
they got 99/100!
2nd trial 90/100 ( DJ turned the wrong way on a turn lol)
3rd 87 out of 100 ( DJ error on a step lol) then
last trial 100/100 and High in Classes all weekend,
very proud of these two! ShThey got their Intermediat
title and one leg in Advance!!!