Ch. Diamondsun's Karma
May 2018 - Karma entered her first weekend of shows as a Jr Puppy, she took 3
Reserve Winners Bitch and 1 Winners Bitch and also 3 Best Puppy in Groups!
Born Oct 6 /2017
PRA1 Clear
Karma was in 2 Shows as Baby Puppy (3 to 6 months) and
won one Show and took Best Baby Puppy in Group!!!
Oct 2018 - Karma went Winners Bitch 3 out of 5 shows and is now on 7 points!!
July 2018 - Karma went Winners Bitch and Best of Opposite  in two Shows this weekend
May 2019.....Karma entered 3 Show, 1st Show show she takes Winners Bitch, Best of Winners
and Best of Opposite over a Special!!!!! The next 2 Show she takes Winners bitch and Best of
Winners and is a NEW CHAMPION!