Azhar's I Rock At Diamondsun
" Jasper "
Born - Dec 9/2016
April 8th & 9th 2017 - In Fredericton...Jasper ( Azhars I Rock at Diamondsun ) made his debut in the baby puppy
class (4 to 6 months) by taking 2 out of 4 Best baby puppy in Groups!!!
May 6th & 7th - In Moncton..Jasper (Azhar"s I Rock at Diamondsun)
Takes Best Baby Puppy in Group!!!Second day Jasper takes 2 more baby puppy groups with his breeder Jessica
May 20 &21st - In Spring Hill Jasper takes 4 Best Baby Puppy in Groups and 2 BEST BABY PUPPY IN
Jasper @ 5 1/2 months old
Jasper In Moncton @ 5 months
Jasper in Fredericton @ 4 months old
July 22 & 23rd / 2017 - Jasper in his first shows for
points, at 7 1/2 months old. The first 2 shows he took
Reserve Winners Male, 3rd show he took Winners
Male and Best of Winners and Best Puppy in Breed for
2 points, 4th show he was reserve Winner male.
Jasper was entered in 4 shows Oct 28th and 29th 2017 - He took Winner
male all 4 shows and Best of Winners in  Last show and now had 4
points, He also got a couple best Puppy in Breed and a Best Puppy in
7 months
Nov 2017 Moncton Shows, Jasper takes
Reserve Winners Male and Best Puppy
in Breed on Fri, Reserve Winners Male
on Sat and Winners Males , Best of
Winners and Best Puppy in Breed on
Sunday for 2 points!
Truro March 2018, Jasper took Winners Dog on Sat and Best of
Winners on Sunday for two more points
Jasper was entered in 2 shows in Moncton, the first show he went reserve
Winners Male and the second he went Winners male and is now on 9 points!!!