Our King
Registered with : CFA - ACFA - TICA
Ch. WillowtreeRags Raggedy Andy
" Andy "
Born - Dec 05/2004
Blue Bicolor
Andy is a beautiful Blue Bicolor Ragdoll
male from Willowtreerags in Mass,
USA. Thank you Mable for letting Andy
join our family.
7 months old
Andy attended his first shows, he was a trooper for such a young kitten. He took 2-Best of Breeds,
and Best Color, and also placed 9th, 8th  then 3rd in the Speciality Ring, 8th and 6th Best Kitten
in Show.We are very proud of him!
Andy's second show, his first ACFA show, he did very well again, with lots of positive comments from the judges.
He was called back all 6 shows to receive 8th, 7th and three 4th Best Kitten and a 2nd Best Kitten in the
Speciality Ring!! Wooooo Hoooooo!
Andy at 6 Years old!!
What a Handsome Boy!!!
Test Results for both HCM DNA
Mutations ( RD & MC) :